Danielle Miller: Republicans are not Nazis

Donald Trump


Published: 02-08-2024 9:26 PM

I enjoyed reading the recent letters from Jack Hornor, the Rev. Phill Grant, and Elizabeth Lareau Whitcomb. Hope they write again soon. But I could’ve done without Daniel Brown’s mean-spirited Feb. 6 My Turn [“Trump’s brutal promise no joke”]. Now I know this will absolutely shock Mr. Brown and Recorder Democrats who cheerfully and regularly ridicule Donald Trump and his supporters, but Republicans are not Nazis. They’re not!

I like Trump and will vote for him again, but I don’t appreciate being called a Nazi. Yet intolerant Democrats continue to compare Republicans to Nazis on this increasingly dreadful opinion page. Here’s something for Democrats to mull over: Who really, really hates Jewish people these days? And who’s calling for the genocide of Jews? Not Republicans!

Seriously, anyone who thinks Trump is Hitler and his supporters are Nazis should get in touch with a shrink immediately. This is hate speech, guys. Enough is enough!

If all the Recorder’s hard-left columnists and contributors were replaced with kinder, more interesting writers, that would be fine with me.

Danielle Miller 


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