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New music series launches next weekend: Hawks & Reed to present four free Off the Common events this summer

06-21-2024 10:24 AM


Summer in Franklin County is brimming with music, and Hawks & Reed Performing Arts Center in Greenfield is set to make its mark with the unique Off the Common series, launching on Friday, June 28. This series features free live music and a vibrant mix...

Colorful visions from Brazil: Eric Carle Museum hosts first U.S. exhibit of Brazilian artist and children’s author Roger Mello

06-21-2024 10:22 AM


The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art has displayed the work of dozens and dozens — or more likely hundreds — of illustrators and writers over the years, in solo exhibits and group shows.Among them have been a fair number of artists from other...

Sounds Local: Bluegrass superstars come to West Whately: Plus, last minute reminders for Green River Fest this weekend

06-19-2024 1:17 PM


In 2020, the Nashville-based bluegrass band Sister Sadie accomplished what no all-female bluegrass band had ever done: They won the International Bluegrass Music Association Entertainer of the Year award. That honor is only one of the many bestowed on...

Where the food is smokin’ good: Crazy Horse Bar and Grill in Charlemont serves up pub food and more with flair

06-18-2024 3:32 PM


David Comstock grew up in Charlemont and started his career as a chef in that town. He began as a dishwasher at the now defunct Charlemont Inn and took to restaurant life, eventually attending the New England Culinary Institute.Back in Charlemont...

From homesteading to homeschooling: The Davis family of Oak Hollow Livestock all lend a hand

06-17-2024 1:09 PM


Sara and Carl Davis moved in 2019 to their 25-acre farm on Gould Road in Shelburne. They are the parents of five children and the proprietors of Oak Hollow Livestock, which is more than just a business; it’s a thriving homestead where humans live...

Speaking of Nature: Identifying an unusual critter: And an invitation to give it a name

06-17-2024 6:01 AM


I first saw this curious little animal on June 1. It was a beautiful day outside, but the cottonwood tree that grows next to my deck was in full seed-dispersal mode and sitting outside was not really an option. Imagine a snowstorm, but the flakes of...

Artists contribute sidewalk murals for Juneteenth celebration in Greenfield

06-14-2024 2:34 PM


Greenfield is putting an artistic twist on its Juneteenth celebrations this year with the unveiling of a downtown sidewalk mural project celebrating the city’s abolitionist history.There will be a guided tour through the 12 historic sites on...

He may have been America’s first Black composer: Juneteenth concert at Historic Deerfield to feature music of Sawney Freeman, among others

06-14-2024 2:31 PM


In celebration of Juneteenth, folks are invited to join a star-studded group of early American musical performers at Historic Deerfield, as they take on a wide variety of music from regional African American composers and band leaders.Kicking off a 7...

Faith Matters: How to build relationships across vast differences: We must be curious, venture out, welcome in, stand tall, stand with

06-14-2024 11:15 AM


One of the greatest joys in my 20 years of ministry has been getting to meet, learn from, worship with, and befriend those who identify as religiously different from how I name myself — a Unitarian Universalist. First on Long Island, then in...

Earth Matters: A brief history of our soil: Why the Valley land produces such amazing crop

06-14-2024 11:14 AM


There is a stretch of road that runs north along the Connecticut River from the Whately/Hatfield line to the foot of Sugarloaf. It is no surprise its name is River Road. Leaving Northampton I often take “the river road,” the long way home. Over the...

A different kind of road trip: ‘Ezra’ explores the challenge of raising an autistic child

06-14-2024 11:12 AM


Among a number of very good lines in “Ezra,” a film about the challenge of raising an autistic child, there’s one that really encapsulates the problems parents and caretakers can face.Bobby Cannavale plays Max Bernal, a struggling comedian with his...

Sounds Local: Where there is celebration there is music: Saturday’s Franklin County Pride Fest will be full of great live music

06-12-2024 2:27 PM


This upcoming weekend is a big one for music fans with many choices to be had from the opening of the Mohawk Trail Concert series on Sunday afternoon to the a birthday party for Robin Lane at Flood Water Brewing in Shelburne Falls on Sunday at 7...

A simple sandwich that oozes comfort: The ‘asparadilla’ uses local produce in a classic Mexican dish

06-11-2024 2:31 PM


I have always had a fondness for what the late cookbook editor and writer Judith Jones called “nursery foods,” simple dishes that appeal to the child in all of us.One of my favorite such foods is grilled cheese. When my teeth sink into the crispy...

Speaking of Nature: Too slow to survive? All porcupines want is a peaceful life in the country woods

06-10-2024 6:01 AM


I was on my way to work the other day and, at least initially, I was enjoying the morning drive. The sun rises just after 5:00 a.m. these days and the approach of my last day of school added a little buoyancy to the otherwise monotonous commute. I...

Rejoice in our authentic selves: Franklin County Pride kicks off June 14 with dance party premier of Carrie Ferguson’s queer anthem, ‘The Many I Am’

06-07-2024 11:48 AM


“We are beyond betweenWoman and manThere’s not enough wordsFor the many I am”Carrie Ferguson, “The Many I Am”Franklin County Pride will take place on Saturday, June 15, and this year is shaping up to be the biggest and best yet. The festivities will...

Issues with our education funding formula: Three factors that put our cities, towns and students at an unfair advantage

06-07-2024 11:14 AM


Our public school system — the backbone of democracy, the great equalizer, the means by which we can level the playing field — is itself unequal, undemocratic, and badly underfunded. Though education is one of the most significant responsibilities of...

Sounds Local: A party for the whole neighborhood: Good Music Makes Good Neighbors fest returns to Montague this Saturday, June 8

06-05-2024 4:10 PM


Get ready for the village of Montague to be transformed into a mini music festival when Good Music Makes Good Neighbors returns on Saturday, June 8. The fest went on hiatus for a couple of years, but now festival organizers Nicole Nemec and Matthew...

Hero in aisle five: Wendell author’s new book, ‘Food Margins,’ delves into the anthropology of groceries

06-04-2024 1:40 PM


This article was originally slated as a book review. The book I was going to review, “Food Margins” by Cathy Stanton of Wendell, cried out to be moved to the Food & Farms page, however. Instead of reviewing the book, then, I interviewed the author and...

Planting seeds of sustainability: Greenfield Garden Club encourages horticulturists of all ages

06-03-2024 2:24 PM


The Greenfield Garden Club is not just for Greenfield residents: “We welcome people from Franklin County and beyond,” said Club President Laura Schlaikjer. Let’s take a look at two ways the group encourages gardening, and hopes to continue for years...

Poet’s Seat Poetry Contest youth winners

05-31-2024 2:17 PM

Youth Co-winners, 12-to-14-year-olds“Lessons from the world” by Summit Wicks-LimOnce upon a time the girl could not hear her own heart,So she stayed quietandsoftly spoken, speaking only to her heart which had no answer.On most days she would look at...

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