My Turn: Police bias verdict should not have been surprise

02-28-2024 9:10 PM


The truly frightening aspect of Greenfield and its former police chief Robert Haigh Jr. being found liable for discrimination against a black police officer is not the verdict but the apparent ignorance of the former mayor as well as the City Council...

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Barbara Ann Carson: Greenfield council should stick to job, not resolutions

02-28-2024 5:31 PM

Regarding the Feb. 21 City Council meeting, the role of the council is to adopt a fiscal year budget, adopt or amend city ordinances and approve appropriations and funding requests. It is not in the business of making resolutions of national/global...

Rebekah Paxton: Keep Massachusetts tip credit intact

02-28-2024 5:31 PM

As a Massachusetts native, I’m embarrassed by the half-baked claims made in the recent column, “Subminimum wage is a legacy of slavery: time for one fair wage,” Recorder, Feb. 23]. Contrary to the columnist Carrie Baker’s flawed narrative, neither...

Evelyn Bogue: Unhappy sports surprise of the day

02-28-2024 5:31 PM

Franklin County Tech girls basketball team wins a state championship and their very dark photo is on page Page 2 of the Sports section. Why? On the bottom half of the front of the Sports section is a large article with an action picture of a team that...

Molly Merrett: Apologies for last week's council meeting interruption

02-28-2024 5:31 PM

Dear Devorah Rose, City Council, and Greenfield community: I would like to apologize and take accountability for my actions at the City Council meeting on Feb. 21. Interrupting my fellow Greenfield resident was an unacceptable breach of City Council...

Maura Morrison: Eloquent commentary noted

02-28-2024 5:31 PM

It was heartening to see the number of people who attended the Feb. 24 City Council meeting to voice opinions on a number of issues during the public comment period, which lasted an hour. It was disheartening, however, to hear the outspoken backlash...

John Frederick Blumenstiel: Yes, we do have a choice

02-28-2024 5:31 PM

Following are my thoughts regarding Dr. E. Martin Schotz’s recent column [“Rethinking U.S. interests on anniversary of war in Ukraine,” Recorder, Feb. 20]. We are told we must accept the choices provided by our tragically misguided political elites....

My Turn: I’ll leave making stray bat feel at home to others

02-27-2024 7:01 PM


No doubt, some of you Pioneer Valley folks will read this column and want it renamed “A Wimp’s Tale” or something to that effect. “Oh, the poor man! A bat is living in his house. Alert the Armed Forces, call out the SWAT team! How will he survive this...

My Turn: Message of hope needed to eclipse rancor

02-27-2024 5:20 PM


Here’s a statistic that should get everyone’s attention: The number of suicides in our country reached record levels last year. Depression and anxiety rates are at new heights, too. A New York Times article noted that teenagers are more concerned...

Judith Schiavone and Barbara Pearson: Mobilizing poor and low-income voters

02-27-2024 5:16 PM

In a country with so much wealth, it is immoral that poverty is the fourth leading cause of death. Especially while, for example, our elected officials choose to spend billions of dollars to bail out corrupt bankers and refuse to have Wall Street and...

My Turn: A terrible report card for Greenfield High School

02-26-2024 6:21 PM


I am writing this open letter as the parent of two Greenfield High School students. I just reviewed the Greenfield High School Report Card from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and you will not be going out for ice...

My Turn: A better voting solution

02-26-2024 6:21 PM


As an unenrolled voter, separated from Democrats and Republicans as non-liberal or conservative or anything, I am not here to disagree or agree, but remain neutral. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Everyone has the freedom of choice to vote...

Julia Duncan: Nothing has been learned with masking

02-26-2024 6:18 PM

After reading the Recorder’s front-page story (“Will CDC end COVID isolation?” Feb. 21) I was in a bad mood that morning. Firstly, why is that woman wearing a mask in her own home, pray tell? That’s crazy. Secondly, being forced to mask up in a...

Maeve M. Sherry: Push back on the CDC’s Covid-19 isolation policy

02-26-2024 6:18 PM

The Feb. 21 article titled “Will CDC end Covid isolation?” details the proposed changes to the current Covid-19 isolation policy and the arguments for and against it. As a person with Long Covid, I appreciate the coverage of this dangerous policy...

David Ball: Justice, nuclear safety on the side of Ukraine

02-26-2024 6:14 PM

Three things stood out for me in Martin Schotz’s guest Column on Ukraine [“Rethinking U.S. interests on anniversary of war in Ukraine,” Gazette, Feb. 23]. First, the oddity of seeing someone who is presumably a liberal pacifist taking the same...

Rachel Achmad: Tipping essential for servers — leave it alone

02-26-2024 6:14 PM

Carrie Baker’s column about ending tipped wages was distressingly out of touch. I wish she had attempted to contact even a single person working as a server today, rather than rely only on her own decades-old experience. [“Subminimum wage is a legacy...

Byron J. Ricketts: Reasons to eliminate the death penalty

02-25-2024 2:41 PM

Here are three good reasons to eliminate the death penalty:The first and most compelling reason is that the death penalty has not ever and will never be a deterrent to murder. The actual fact is that since 1900, approximately 7,000 men and women have...

My Turn: When ‘Little Black Sambo’ was just a clever kid

02-25-2024 2:01 PM


Juneteenth. A conversation with friends of color about things from my childhood. As I am well into my 90th decade, it was a long time ago and I reminisced a bit.I began with speaking of the Uncle Remus stories, little moral tales told by an elderly...

My Turn: Hope is a vision of what might be

02-25-2024 2:01 PM


We walk a path that leads toward the pond. The ground is rutted, our feet slosh in the wet snow. It’s a gingerly, slow pace.Fast moving water rushes into a spring-fed pond — a swimming pond come summer. We try to imagine a summer day with warm sun...

Nicholas Vasconcellos: The urgent need to reduce plastic consumption

02-24-2024 11:09 PM

I am writing to express support for An Act to Expand the Bottle Bill (H.3690/S.2104), which would significantly enhance recycling efforts in Massachusetts by increasing the bottle deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents. The act also will expand what can be...

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