The World Keeps Turning: Remembering the civilians

05-24-2024 3:01 PM


Earlier this year, my extended family met in Washington, D.C. to celebrate multiple anniversaries and accomplishments and marvel at the grandeur of our nation’s capital. The elders and young adults relived some memories with the two youngest boys and...

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Tom Travis: Honor their memory

05-24-2024 2:59 PM

Let’s not forget the meaning of Memorial Day, a day celebrated for those who had to pay with their lives and now lie in foreign lands and here at home. Please teach our young children what Memorial Day really means, it is remembered each year for the...

Franktinus Stuitje: About a case of character

05-24-2024 2:59 PM

A few days ago the Recorder published a letter by a man from West Virginia. He thought that former president Donald Trump showed character by putting a hat back on a soldier [“A sign of character,” May 16]. What I am upset about is that the...

Shirley and Mike Majewski: Kudos to vet hospital

05-24-2024 2:59 PM

We used the services at the Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Hospital in South Deerfield yesterday and I have say they were terrific. Gentle, kind and understanding and the staff all worked together.When end of life happens to your pet, it is...

Cathy Stanton: Failed overrides, not fraud, culprit for Orange’s budget woes

05-24-2024 2:59 PM

It’s a shame to see the misinformation surrounding Orange’s current budget woes. The fraud experienced by the town certainly hasn’t helped its fiscal situation, but isn’t the sole cause as a Recorder article stated [“$338K fraud drains town coffers,”...

My Turn: Quabbin protection, potential

05-24-2024 2:42 PM


Writer Mike McGee makes several relevant points in his recent column on benefits to the public from the Quabbin-Ware watershed lands [“Quabbin region will never see any bounty,” Gazette, May 13]. However, there are several points that can be helpful...

My Turn: Hopeful steps vs. dire plans

05-23-2024 6:01 PM


On April 11, Donald Trump met with oil, gas, and other industry guests he had invited to his Mar-a-Lago estate. He asked for their support in the coming presidential election with donation of $1 billion. Yes, a billion dollars.And yes, he can do this...

My Turn: The ‘Daughter of Cummington’ brings her stories to the stage

05-23-2024 6:01 PM


In 1945, the U.S. Office of War Information came to Cummington to shoot “The Cummington Story,” a propaganda film about tolerance and acceptance of immigrants.The people of the small western Massachusetts hilltown had several European refugees living...

Ahmad Esfahani: Articulate and justify

05-23-2024 5:57 PM

Oh Volodymyr, how you remind us that every 100 years Europa appoints a stooge to gum up the works. It must be nice to know exactly what you want in life. When existential quandaries plague our citizenry, you are enlightened enough to know that all a...

Jim Bates: The Earth’s climate

05-23-2024 5:57 PM

Climate change. Of course, the Earth’s climate changes. It always has and always will.Twenty thousand years ago, our beautiful valley was covered in a mile high sheet of ice, the climate changed, the ice melted, and voila!We are mowing our lawns and...

My Turn: Not so divided under the surface

05-23-2024 6:01 AM


 This is the time of year that I think about dividing daffodils, tulips, iris and day lilies. I know, I know; I am supposed to do this in the fall, when the bulbs, corms and tubers can be resettled for the winter, to rise again to bloom the following...

Marguerite Willis: Column on treatment of dogs, children spot on

05-22-2024 4:59 PM

Thanks to columnist Jon Huer for his excellent piece of observation that we feed our dogs better than our children [“Of dogs and men,” Recorder, May 18]. I know my eyes cross with frustration when I see or hear dog food ads and realize less care is...

Guest columnist Inanna Balkin: Welcoming diversity, but forming tribes

05-21-2024 5:57 PM


 Young activists are often praised for our involvement in politics as if we’re rare commodities. We’re asked how to mobilize our peers as if every young person will answer the same call to action. We’re asked to participate in intergenerational...

My Turn: Quabbin bill a bid for ‘more just future for our region’

05-21-2024 5:06 PM


 I read Mike Magee’s My Turn column with concern [“Quabbin region will never see any benefits from reservoir,” Recorder, May 13]. Since it was published, I have received messages from constituents asking why I support giving more Quabbin water to...

My Turn: Should ‘America’ be a synonym for the ‘United States of America’?

05-21-2024 5:01 PM


A little more than a year ago, after I published a column about the most toxic myths surrounding the issue of immigration, I received an email from a reader that took me to task about my use of the word “America” to refer to the United States of...

Peter Flynn: Questions claim of violence

05-21-2024 4:58 PM

I appreciate that writer Kevin J. Smith is so articulate and able to cogently express his views in our newspaper. I do wonder about some of his facts [“Unwelcome gift in mailbox: A flag that won’t be flying,” Recorder, May 17]. The writer states that...

Chris Orlen: My Pride flag: A different perspective

05-21-2024 4:58 PM

The writer of a recent column was offended by the gift of Pride flags to Haywood Street residents and he wrote all about it [“Unwelcome gift in mailbox: A flag that won’t be flying,” Recorder, May 17]. My perspective is different. I have lived on...

My Turn: Hamas strategy of sacrificing civilians crime against humanity

05-20-2024 5:17 PM


As Israel’s rockets crash into Gaza, smashing the country to rubble and crushing the population, scenes of stupefying devastation overwhelm us. We grieve the loss of innocent lives, in both Israel and Gaza. And yet, as horrifying as it is to...

My Turn: ‘Carrots’ alone won’t change climate arc

05-20-2024 5:17 PM


There has been some discussion of carrots and sticks in our nation’s climate policy. Why? What’s at stake here and why does it matter?The metaphor apparently goes back more than a century to a cartoon that portrayed a race between two donkey riders —...

Danielle Miller: On Riley Gaines

05-20-2024 5:13 PM

Activist and swimmer Riley Gaines fights for women’s rights. She doesn’t believe trans women should be competing against biological women in women’s sports. Not surprisingly, Ms. Gaines has been assaulted and been labeled a “hate purveyor.” Now she is...

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