Athol Police Log Feb. 4-18

Published: 03-11-2024 5:00 PM

Sunday, Feb. 4

4:06 p.m.—Caller reported an erratic vehicle failing to stay within the lanes on South Athol Road. The caller reported the vehicle then turned onto Morton but was gone when police arrived.

Monday, Feb. 5

3:50 p.m.—One person was transported to an area hospital following a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of Main and Lewis streets.

6:53 p.m.—Caller reported that a tire on their vehicle had been slashed.

8:54 p.m.—Caller reporting her girlfriend’s brother was causing issues, was intoxicated and she has footage of him with a firearm. She stated at one point while he was outside by the fire he discharged the firearm. Police responded and learned it was a BB gun and had been used to shoot a skunk.

Tuesday, Feb. 6

2:52 p.m.—A walk-in told police their mail had been tampered with.

6:27 p.m.—Police spoke to a walk-in who reported fraudulent activity on their bank account.

Wednesday, Feb. 7

1:19 p.m.—A walk-in to the police station reported that their EBT card was being used in New York. The reporting party said the card had been canceled.

6:59 p.m.—An officer was flagged down for a motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Parties were seen yelling at each other in the street.

Thursday, Feb. 8

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9:17 a.m.—Caller reported their identity was compromised and unemployment has been taken out in their name, as well as several auto loan hard inquiries. The caller has already taken appropriate measures and just wanted the information to be documented. They were advised to call back if they find they are out any money or any services are opened in their name.

11:58 a.m.—An employee of Zedas Pizza called to request extra patrols of the parking lot and surrounding area due to vandalism that has occurred to employee vehicles behind the building. Requesting patrols during evening hours when it is busy and also at closing time.

12:08 p.m.—A walk-in requested traffic enforcement on Common Street as they have witnessed a vehicle traveling down the wrong side of the road multiple times.

Friday, Feb. 9

8:51 a.m.—Party was in the lobby to report there’s a male party sitting at the corner of Main and Exchange streets by the lights “acting odd.”

10:33 a.m.—A resident of White Pond Road Caller reported a call from an unknown person requesting money due to their grandson being in jail. The caller stated they asked if it could be a check and the unknown party said “no, just cash” and that they would be in contact with them in an hour. The reporting party stated that they knew it was a scam because they called their grandson and he was at work. The caller was advised to not answer when the party called back and that if anyone shows up at their house to call the police.

12:19 p.m. — An employee of Hannaford’s called the police for assistance with dealing with a shoplifter.

12:39 p.m.—Party reported that back in November, she gave a ride to a “friend” to the bank. She thinks that the “friend” stole her money while she was waiting in line for the teller.

Saturday, Feb. 10

12:19 a.m.—Caller reporting a group of three or four juveniles in the area of Sanders Street trying to break into cars. Area was checked, but juveniles were gone prior to police arrival.

Monday, Feb. 12

2:22 p.m.—A resident of Chestnut Hill Avenue reported an identify theft. Party had been provided with a packet reporting a data breach.

2:29 p.m.—Male party came to the station to talk to an officer about cars driving through his parking lot at Main and Pleasant streets to avoid the traffic light. Male party stated this is occurring during the busy hours of the day, to and from work and when the buses are picking up and dropping off students. Would like extra patrols.

4:41 p.m.—Caller reporting she had an argument with her mother who threatened to have her removed. Mother was in the lobby at the time of the call regarding the same issue and said that an eviction notice had been served. Parties were advised of court options.

 4:49 p.m.—Party reported a light-colored vehicle is blocking the end of a driveway on Beacon Street. Vehicle was gone on arrival.

Tuesday, Feb. 13

8:10 a.m.—Caller reported their mailbox on Chestnut Street was vandalized the previous evening sometime after 4 p.m. Caller stated the mailbox is mostly in one piece but looks like someone took a bat to it and it is falling off the post.

9:56 a.m.—A resident of Anzio Road came into the station to report the theft of their cell phone.

12:26 p.m—A walk-in reported a bank scam. The reporting party had given a large sum of money to an unknown female.

1:53 p.m.—A loose pit bull was reported on Unity Avenue. The caller reported the animal was bleeding from the foot.

Wednesday, Feb. 14

7:34 a.m.—Female party from MART bus reporting a male and female walking on the train tracks in the area of South Street. Reporting party said they are screaming and hollering at each other. Parties were gone when police arrived.

10:24 a.m.—Female party went to the station to report that someone used her daughter’s Social Security Number and claimed her on their taxes.

Thursday, Feb. 15

10:04 a.m.—A male party bought a storage container online and while going through it, found a large bag of pills. Reporting party said he looked them up and believe they are Adderall. The medication was retrieved.

Friday, Feb. 16

3:19 p.m.—A walk-in reported her camper was vandalized. It has a slashed tire and the hub cap was removed. The reporting party discovered the damage the previous day.

Saturday, Feb. 17

9:20 p.m.—Caller reported there was a vehicle behind her, swerving and flashing its high beams near the intersection of Brookside Road and South Main Street that was swerving and high beaming her. The vehicle turned onto Daniel Shays and the caller continued straight.

4:24 p.m.—Caller reported a two-vehicle accident on Main Street. One vehicle left the scene and was followed by the caller into Orange. The vehicle was stopped at Tractor Supply.

Sunday, Feb. 18

10:57 a.m—Caller requested to speak with an officer in regards to disturbances in her neighbor’s apartment on Gibson Drive. Officer advised them of court options.

4:02 p.m—Party in the lobby dropped off a wallet found among a lot a trash that was left on Bearsden Road. No identification was in the wallet.