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My Turn: Rethinking U.S. interests on anniversary of war in Ukraine

02-19-2024 2:00 PM


 With the approaching second anniversary of Russia’s military operations in Ukraine, we can expect that there will be various solutions offered to the current war there. On one side there will be calls for billions more in U.S. and NATO military aid...

My Turn: Why City Council must support cease-fire resolution

02-19-2024 2:00 PM


 I am writing to thank Chris Larabee for covering the movement to pass a cease-fire resolution in Greenfield. As we near the four-month marker in the horrific genocide and ethnic cleansing of occupied Palestine, we are all waking up to the knowledge...

Fred Schindler: Three good reasons for the death penalty 

02-19-2024 7:01 AM

David Goldstein’s letter to the editor in the Feb. 13 Recorder (“Death penalty makes liberals sad”) is well taken but doesn’t go far enough. There are three good reasons to have a death penalty for first degree murderers: justice for the family and...

Donald Moskowitz: Stop China’s purchase of U.S land and companies

02-19-2024 7:01 AM

Congress has to pass the 2024 Farm Bill which includes a provision to provide oversight and the restriction of foreign companies and governments from purchasing U.S. farmland. In particular it must address purchases by companies and other entities...

Columnist Daniel Cantor Yalowitz: The challenges and positives of ‘progress’

02-18-2024 7:00 PM


We hear the term “progress” all the time, in a variety of contexts. Whether we are discussing progressive (or liberal) viewpoints on politics and living, or making progress on projects of any sort, or progressing to the next level of whatever — it...

The World Keeps Turning: An eternal question in an unlikely place

02-17-2024 3:59 PM


Occasionally, a random but striking event occurs that some people might describe as having a hidden meaning or suggest “was meant to be.” My problem is determining the hidden meaning, or who (or what) meant it to be and why.Recently, I was returning...

Connecting the Dots: Float on Eventide’s harmonic raft

02-16-2024 2:34 PM


Having now lived 31 years longer than my father, I celebrated much of my 88th birthday in silent contemplation. And in reflections of my eight-decade journey on this planet. My awareness of dying has become ever more present since surviving a melanoma...

Genevieve Clare Bird: The olive trees lost

02-16-2024 2:32 PM

Palestine is not flames, it is the beautiful water of the ocean. Palestine is not the blood the world ignores. Palestine is the fruit trees, the olive trees that grow as old as love. Palestine isn’t weak, Palestine is a strong culture full of love and...

Don Ogden: Ageism threatens the future of our democratic republic

02-16-2024 2:32 PM

“The years teach much which the days never know.” — Ralph Waldo EmersonIn many cultures around the world, cultures far older than what we have here in the United States, elders are held in high regard. Their experience and knowledge serve to guide...

My Turn: A disconcerting February

02-15-2024 7:31 PM


 If April is the cruelest month (T.S. Eliot), February must be the most disconcerting. After an inordinately gray January, punctuated by only one noticeable snow, and just one brief stretch of single-digit temperatures overnight, we were left...

Columnist Russ Vernon-Jones: A win for the climate

02-15-2024 7:31 PM


For the last two months I’ve written to you about the U.S. becoming the world’s largest exporter of climate-destroying gas and oil; about the fossil fuel industry’s plans to vastly expand these harmful exports; and about a campaign to stop them by...

Jim Bates: The EV party is over

02-15-2024 7:31 PM

The climate activists in our valley have been partying like it’s 1999, RIP Prince. Our illustrious new governor recently announced $50 million to built EV charging infrastructure across the state. What’s wrong with this picture?State revenues fell for...

Ann Darling: Dangers of nuclear power still in our midst

02-15-2024 7:31 PM

I am grateful to Sam Lovejoy for his 1974 weather-tower-toppling civil disobedience that brought the risks of nuclear power into public awareness in western Massachusetts, and I appreciate the front-page placement of your article about it [“Play it...

My Turn: Water, the lifeblood of the world. 

02-14-2024 9:06 PM


I had two experiences that made me actually see what a vital substance water is. I saw how being hydrated makes a difference to both life and land, a lifesaving difference.A few years ago, Gerry came in from outside confused, not able to function...

My Turn: When will the president be elected ‘by the people’?

02-14-2024 9:03 PM


The preamble of U.S. Constitution begins beautifully: “We the People of the United States … do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”We the people. It should be so simple. The term “democracy” literally means “the...

Mary Kay Mattiace: A Franklin County wonder

02-14-2024 9:00 PM

Hooray for the New England Learning Center for Women in Transition (NELCWIT)!Hooray, hooray for the Ja’Duke Center for Performing Arts!!Doing a fundraiser for such a critical and worthy cause is magnanimous — all proceeds went to NELCWIT. Doing a...

Judy Atkins: Support Medicare for All 

02-14-2024 9:00 PM

In the article, “Nursing students meet with Legislators,” (Recorder, Feb. 13) one of the students from the GCC Nursing School class asked the legislators what nurses can do to drum up support for Single Payer Health Care — also know as Medicare for...

Linda J. Donaldson: Mike Pence, Liz Cheney are ‘truth-loving patriots’

02-14-2024 9:00 PM

“It is up to us, in our time, to choose wisely between the hard but necessary task of preserving peace and freedom and the temptation to ignore our duty and blindly hope for the best while the enemies of freedom grow stronger day by day.”“Let it never...

Shel Ball: Hydro plant’s deadly impacts on fish and the river

02-13-2024 3:42 PM

Water is life. FirstLight’s Northfield Mountain Pumped Storage (NMPS) is life-killing.In his recent column, Karl Meyer encouraged us to read Dr. Alex Haro’s comments to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regarding the Flows and Fish...

My Turn: Will men organize to end gun violence?

02-13-2024 3:41 PM


How many ears must one man haveBefore he can hear people cry?How many deaths will it take till he knows thattoo many people have died?— Bob Dylan, “Blowin’ in the Wind”It’s been six years since the Valentine’s Day massacre of 14 students and three...

Displaying articles 41 to 60 out of 1572 total.
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