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Evlyn Ashong-Katai: Homeowner protections making progress

06-03-2024 4:03 PM

I am pleased to share some significant updates in our ongoing efforts to protect homeowners in Massachusetts.One year ago, on May 25, 2023, the U.S. Supreme Court voted unanimously to abolish home equity theft. This landmark decision set a crucial...

My Turn: Quabbin redux — The reselling of New England’s Great River

06-01-2024 11:28 PM


 I read FirstLight VP John Howard’s April 5 My Turn as a victory lap for a now 12 year-old Federal Energy Regulatory Commission relicensing bid for its river operations [“More public input sought in new phase of FirstLight relicensing”]. He touted the...

My Turn: War will end with Hamas destroyed

06-01-2024 11:28 PM


 In the wake of so much antisemitism spreading across our country and around the world, I feel an obligation to speak out — to speak the truth about a nation far away that holds such a special place in my heart.As an American Jew, Israel has always...

David Goldstein: Disagrees with state LGBTQ report

06-01-2024 11:26 PM

I don’t believe there are “escalating attacks against LGBTQ youth in Massachusetts and across the country” (“LGBTQ Youth Commission offers report,” Recorder, March 29). It’s Jews who are under attack in America! Leftists are threatening them in the...

Monica Moran: Talking to young people about digital dating abuse

06-01-2024 11:26 PM

As summer approaches and young people increasingly rely on social media and phones to stay in touch, we’d like to ask parents and guardians to discuss digital dating boundaries with teens and preteens. A good way to start these conversations is by...

As I See It: Better off choosing with our head or heart?

05-31-2024 2:53 PM


Facing our choice of president in November, most American voters will cast their ballots for the candidate their hearts choose.Although it is an ostensibly “public” event — picking our nation’s chief administrator — neither the “nation” nor...

Connecting the Dots: Who will own the Earth?

05-31-2024 2:50 PM


Recent columns in this newspaper about the Quabbin Reservoir got me to reading Marjorie Kelly’s book “Wealth Supremacy.” Kelly is a distinguished senior fellow at the Democracy Collaborative, a national research and development lab for a democratic...

Donald Moskowitz: Breeding grounds for anarchists

05-31-2024 2:49 PM

The turmoil and disruptions on college campuses by pro-Hamas sympathizers, and anti-Israel and anti-American anarchists plus the late and weak Biden response, will help some Republicans in upcoming elections. Recent polls reflect this development. I...

My Turn: Digging up lost diaries of first dogs

05-30-2024 4:06 PM


Note: These excerpts from recently unearthed diaries offer unique perspectives on the lives of important historical figures in American history.Sweet Lips (March 26, 1785)When I was a little pup, I kept sniffing around for Aunt Vernon. That is what I...

Diane Kurinsky: Not disrespect but discussion

05-30-2024 4:03 PM

John Pepi’s recent column “Not Quabbin-ize, but eyes on the prize,” [Recorder, May 29], starts out by presenting a reasonable counter argument to those of us in small towns who object to House Bill 4501’s removal of a local voice in “alternative”...

Kevin J. Smith: Letters missed writer’s point on transgender perspective

05-30-2024 4:03 PM

In response to a letter writer addressing my recent column [“Unwelcome gift in mailbox — A flag that won’t be flying,” Recorder, May 17]: I believe I was clear in delineating what my problems are with transgender identity, yet the first sentence of...

Ruth Leahey: Recorder’s Memorial Day coverage appreciated

05-30-2024 4:03 PM

I, as the coordinator of the event and the people who helped, am blown away with the expert Memorial Day weekend coverage and photography your newspaper did. Thank you!In a brief conversation with local photographer Christopher Evans, I explained I...

David Greenberg: Support CPA at Colrain Town Meeting

05-30-2024 4:03 PM

I am writing to express my strong support for the adoption of the Community Preservation Act (CPA) in Colrain. I believe that implementing the CPA would offer numerous advantages, particularly for a town like ours with limited funds for items other...

From Global to Local: Raising hands and hope in common protest for peace

05-29-2024 4:39 PM


They gather every Saturday morning on the Greenfield Common from 11 a.m. to noon, often staying later. Their signs and banners read:LET GAZA LIVEFREE PALESTINECEASEFIRE — NO ARM$ TO ISRAELNEVER AGAIN FOR ANYONEWhy?Johanna (Jo) Rosen stands on the...

My Turn: Animals’ family instincts come to fore as loving pets

05-29-2024 4:36 PM


My kids were raised with pets. The first pet arrived before our first child was born. We had just bought a house and I wanted a dog, like the dog our neighbors owned.She was named Boots, and was half German shepherd and half collie. Boots was a like a...

Matt Levin: GOP troubled by facts, ‘silences’ McGovern

05-29-2024 4:29 PM

When James McGovern told Congress, “We have a presumptive nominee for president facing 88 felony counts, and we’re prevented from even acknowledging it,” and, “He’s also charged with conspiring to overturn the election. He’s also charged with stealing...

Jim Glovacki: Reasons not to vote for Trump

05-29-2024 4:29 PM

There are so many reasons not to vote for Trump. Just pick one.Mine is that he called military veterans “losers” and “suckers.” It’s that simple.Jim GlovackiGreenfield

My Turn: Not Quabbin-ize, but eyes on the prize

05-28-2024 4:36 PM


The story of the “lost” towns of the Quabbin Reservoir [“Don’t Quabbin-ize us on clean energy,” Recorder, May 17] is a sad one, but it does raise the question of when an individual or collective should be asked to sacrifice for the greater good....

My Turn: Heath Select Board’s loss and gain

05-28-2024 4:35 PM


 I would like to praise Heath’s retiring Select Board member, Susan Lively. She was a contributor to one of the best-working Select Boards I have witnessed in my years of attending Select Board meetings. This does not take away from the wonderful...

Tom Peabody: Happy

05-28-2024 4:27 PM

A lot of us were proud to be labeled as “deplorables” but it seems we’re happier now being “clowns.”Tom PeabodySouth Deerfield

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