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My Turn: No, you bleep: Refs have had enough

01-30-2024 4:14 PM


Imagine being at your workplace trying to perform your job duties and you hear your boss yell the following comments directed at you:“That’s terrible!”“Open up your eyes.”“You blew that one!”“Where are your glasses?!?!”Can you imagine trying to work...

My Turn: Goodbye to an oasis: Reminder that we need to stand up for trees

01-30-2024 4:13 PM


My husband and I love to go bike riding. It’s always been our favorite way to be outdoors and active. Now that we’re in our 70s, we’re riding e-bikes. We’ve been adventuring all over New England exploring bike trails.Closest to home is the Canalside...

Gordon Humphrey: He can dish it out, but can’t take it

01-30-2024 4:11 PM

It’s odd that the leader of the lemmings ( they’ll let you know that they are not sheep) can make fun of people’s weight and physical disabilities, make up childish names for his rivals, bash numerous races and religions, belittle a widow’s grief or...

Jean Frenette: Wasting energy, anyone?

01-30-2024 4:11 PM

I turn off the electric heat in every room except the bathroom. It is 55 degrees in the house the next morning. National Grid leaves bright lights on all night at their installations. I guess at 67 I must go cold for their wastefulness. I just wish my...

Marguerite Willis: Letter’s point was educational failures

01-30-2024 4:11 PM

Maura Morrison is correct in her Jan. 18 letter to the editor on Franklin County’s demographics challenging my Dec. 29 column [“Repackaged old, failed education ideas still fail”]. I should have said “one of the poorest” when referring to Franklin...

Guest columnist Chelsea Gazillo: Law would help keep farms in families

01-29-2024 3:43 PM


When farmland owners die without a will, their heirs are often faced with an unequal division of property. Under current law, a single heir, or a speculator who buys out the interest of just one heir, can file a partition action in court and force a...

My Turn: No real fix for education, just empty narrative of innovation

01-29-2024 3:41 PM

By BEN TOBINIt speaks to the diminished role of our school systems that we are starting to see the emergence of student-led conferences. As the recent federal probe into Massachusetts’ special education system has laid bare, our entire system has...

Tom Denault: Criticism of high school sports officials

01-29-2024 3:40 PM

On Thursday, I read an amazing article titled “Officials deal with fan criticism,” [Recorder, Jan. 25]. Very well written and informative.I recently attended a young women’s hockey game at Deerfield Academy where Deerfield hosted Choate. The game was...

Mik Muller: DeSantis says no to Trump bailout

01-29-2024 3:40 PM

Republican Florida state Sen. Ileana Garcia is proposing a bill that would create the “Freedom Fighters Fund,” which would provide up to $5 million in support for a presidential candidate who faces a federal or state criminal trial. Florida Chief...

Cathy Etheridge: Greatest thing ever seen in a newspaper

01-29-2024 3:40 PM

I thought Linda Byrne's photograph submission of an impatient squirrel waiting for the breakfast banana peel, which Linda had not put out of her back door by 8 a.m., was the greatest thing I had ever seen in a newspaper. I really loved it.     Cathy...

Columnist Daniel Cantor Yalowitz: Why does winning have to mean someone loses?

01-29-2024 6:00 AM


“Winning is not everything, it’s the only thing.” — Vince Lombardi (1955)We live in an increasingly ultra-competitive world. In the U.S., our children are trained from an early age not only about determination, discipline and persistence, but also...

Ferd Wulkan: Lack of Senate support for Sanders bill a shame 

01-28-2024 8:00 PM

A full one percent of Gaza's population has been killed in the past three months.  If that same proportion were killed in the U.S., it would be three million Americans dead.  Is everyone outraged yet?  Our government is complicit in this brutality....

Columnist Susan Wozniak: Tracking my life through a small place

01-28-2024 4:00 PM


I have no idea when or why I decided that I wanted to live in Massachusetts. Maybe, it was its history, or, its intellectual reputation. Maybe, it was the beautiful photographs that graced the calendars that oil companies handed out. The ones printed...

As I See It: Ignorance, stupidity completely different

01-26-2024 5:00 PM


American society is now facing a choice between capitalist democracy (if Democrats win) and fascist democracy (if Trump wins). Whichever side wins, both capitalists and fascists —as advertisers do — count on one cardinal weakness that is abundant...

Guest columnist William Lambers: Expand child tax credit to reduce hunger and poverty

01-26-2024 3:38 PM

By WILLIAM LAMBERSCongress can take action against hunger and poverty by bringing back the expanded child tax credit that was so successful in 2021. They can start by voting in favor of the bipartisan tax proposal put forward by Senate Finance...

My Turn: Preparing for Earth holiday: Imbolc

01-26-2024 8:58 AM


What is Imbolc? It is the day halfway between the winter solstice and the spring equinox.If the winter solstice represents the death of the year, then Imbolc represents the birth of the new year.In our country we give fancy to groundhogs and their...

My Turn: EMF bills put protection from growing exposure on the table

01-26-2024 8:58 AM


It takes courage to be even a little ahead of the curve as an elected representative. We see this on the federal level, where typically bills are passed that are already law in many states.In the arena of safe technology — legislation that attempts to...

My Turn: Lulled by culture’s unthinking vapidity

01-26-2024 8:58 AM


Our Barnum and Bailey world gets more bizarre every day. Nothing astonishes. My core beliefs, however, are my guides. There’s always a higher way. There’s always a world where we know morality from apostasy, or renunciation of core beliefs.We’re...

Amy MacKenzie: Safety of kids at risk on city’s roads

01-26-2024 8:56 AM

I am a school bus driver, one of several well-trained, dedicated individuals. When we get behind the wheel of a bus we are keenly aware of the extraordinary responsibility that we choose to accept. We are deeply committed to safely transport our kids,...

Reenie Grybko Clancy: More old-school words

01-26-2024 8:56 AM

Excellent My Turn “Old-school words” [Recorder, Dec. 30], Ms. Wosniak. May I add some more to the list and also how “old-school” folks like me (turning 81 this March) communicate? Remember fiddlesticks or oopsydaisy?Now let’s return to the era of...

Displaying articles 101 to 120 out of 1572 total.
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